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Upcoming Podcasts


British Food & Farming: It’s not a case of ‘this’ OR ‘that’

Exploring the future of sustainable farming in the UK

In this exclusive limited series brought to you by the Rural Business Group, the Nation’s Favourite Farmer – Gareth Wyn Jones is joined by supply chain specialist Stephen Whyte as they aim to explore some of the most pressing challenges facing food production in light of the climate crisis and changing consumer preferences in food and drink consumption.

The series will focus on the Future of Farming debunking some of the misconceptions and myths which currently proliferate mainstream media, somewhat unfairly influencing public perception of farming and farmers.

The podcast will use a wide variety of sources, research and influences to reflect the reality which is so often left unreported, providing you with an informed perspective to balance the rhetoric. 

BRITISH FOOD & FARMING 1: What’s war in Europe got to do with it?

Most people have no idea that Ukraine and Russia combined produce over 25% of the worlds grain and a huge mount of global fertilizer raw materials. The impact of war means farmers can’t farm and therefore can’t produce. 

We explore the impact of the war in Ukraine on  the global supply chains.

BRITISH FOOD & FARMING 2: From global consumers towards self sufficiency

This episode focuses on what we produce in the UK: what we consume vs what we export and how much do we import.

We discuss the benefits of self sufficiency for UK farmers and consumers.

BRITISH FOOD & FARMING 3: Sustainability and biodiversity

Is this really Farmers v environmentalists? We discuss how biodiversity is essential for the planet, how rewilding isn’t the elixir of planetary rebirth and how the processes of regenerative agriculture & carbon sequestration in farming can benefit the planet.

Farmers are our best hope (that and reducing fossil fuel consumption!)

BRITISH FOOD & FARMING 4: It’s not a case of this or that

Farmers v Vegans and never the twain shall meat (see what I did there?). We talk about protein production and the elephant in the room - Intensive farming. The dietary choices we make - health v ethics.

BRITISH FOOD & FARMING 5: Policy for positive futures

We look at current policy which flies in the face of evidence presented in the previous episodes. We'll look at alternative approaches which balance sustainability, consumer choice, and positive economics.

25th May: Shropshire Festival

Jemma Clifford is joined by Beth from Shropshire Festival. Shropshire Festivals organise events across Shropshire and the UK. Jemma and Beth will be discussing produce hampers, events and most importantly medicine for the soul.

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