Q&A Clinics

Our Q&A Clinics will be the first Friday of each month hosted by Jemma Clifford and Anna Price on Zoom, so grab a coffee and get your business questions at the ready.

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22nd July at 2pm on our Members platform.

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Who should sign up?

  • Start- up businesses in pre-launch phase

  • Established organisations looking to access funding

  • Businesses looking to scale-up

  • Organisations seeking to minimise risk

  • Businesses seeking efficiency gains

  • Not for profit organisations seeking to stand out in an overcrowded charitable sector

  • Individuals with an idea

  • Anyone who feels like they’re at the whim of sales people telling them what they need to do

What will this process give me?

  • Clarity about why you do what you do

  • An understanding of what exactly you sell or provide from a customer perspective

  • Confidence to articulate your business or organisations objectives

  • The words to describe your offering in a way your target audience ‘gets’

  • A framework for future reference

  • Access to leading strategic and marketing experts

  • Peer support

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Strategic Marketing Webinar 22nd July 2pm

Our next Webinar: Strategic Marketing with Anna Price and Jemma Clifford will be available on the members platform for group members at 2pm

When we start a business or organisation our aims and objectives are usually quite clear…

Whether they have been drawn up into a formal business plan, are written on the back of a fag packet or are in our own heads – starting a business usually focusses the mind because it is risky and we seek to minimise this risk by stating out loud what we are going to do.

As organisations establish themselves and enter the growth phase, they start to do different things – whether its employing other people, taking home a regular wage or settling into premises – the focus is no longer on what our objectives once were what we were starting out – but more on maintaining what we have.

Q&A Clinic on Friday 6th August2021 9:30am

Do you have business related questions that need answering? Then grab a cuppa and your notepad and join us on the 6th August, where Jemma Clifford and/or Anna Price will be on hand to help and support you.


Events coming soon

Keep an eye on this page for Rural Business Group events coming soon Summer 2021.