Business Membership

£0.00 / month


As a member of the Rural Business Group you can take advantage of our expertise, and the expertise of our partners, to help you to access practical support to set up and establish your rural business. We will share FREE information to our members and give you access to online and face to face events to help you connect and build a network of business support specifically addressing the challenges of operating a rural SME.

Who should become a MEMBER?

  • Businesses who are at the beginning of their rural business journey
  • From one man (or woman) micro businesses to businesses thinking of employing staff
  • Businesses who want to develop sustainable operations from a sound base
  • Businesses who feel isolated and want to connect with like minded founders and operators
  • Businesses who believe that value lies in sharing experience and inspiration

What do you get for your membership fee?

  • An office hours hotline – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and via email, to address your pressing rural business challenges
  • Access to face to face and online events across the UK
  • An online members area on the Rural Business Group website
  • Unlimited entries to the Rural Business Awards
  • A membership magazine
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to our Rural Entrepreneur Facebook Group



We represent Rural Businesses both large and small. We define rural businesses at those who are located in rural areas or who’s customer base is mainly made up of rural customers or clients.

We aim to provide our members with inspiration, support, advice and guidance to set up, operate and thrive in their chosen business. We will also promote our members interests with our partners and supporters and other rural membership organisations, provide access to national and local networking, create opportunities to get involved with issues based campaigns and events and further shape our Group to be as relevant as possible to rural SME’s and micro businesses.

By connecting you with other rural businesses in your area we hope to grow a community of businesses who support and empower each other with our backing, guidance and help. By supporting local face to face events as well as growing and online community we will facilitate the development of these networks.

The Group will provide practical business support both on and offline underpinned by a telephone hotline which will triage your issues and provide first line support to address your business questions. As experts in the rural sector our extensive network is likely to provide you with specific and relevant advice and answers to your most pressing challenges.

As well as advice we will also offer preferential rates on essential business services provided by our trusted partners.

Whether you want to start, grow, or achieve greater recognition for your business the Rural Business Group aims to help you achieve your business aspirations.

We will:

  • Talk to you to establish how we can assist you
  • Be available through multiple channels – both on and offline
  • Respond to you in a timely manner
  • Treat you like an individual
  • To be impartial and always do our best to give you alternative solutions
  • Ensure our response is understandable and relevant to you and your business
  • Protect your data in accordance with GDPR and the RBA Privacy policy

Additional information

Business Size

Over 10 Employees, Individual and Self Employed, 2-5 Employees, 6-10 Employees, Social Enterprise or Charity – Under 50 Employees, Social Enterprise or Charity – Over 50 Employees