Peat-free Coir Compost from For Peat’s Sake

10 Nov 2021 | Christmas Gift Guide


Any peat-free gardener, or houseplant enthusiast would be delighted to receive our much-loved peat-free proclaiming products. Be sure to check out our brand new “One Pot Wonder” 3.0 Litre block which makes the perfect green stocking-filler!

Made purely from sustainably sourced coconuts, our coir compost is perfect for growing houseplants, herbs, fruits, vegetables or cacti. The coir will improve drainage, air circulation and water retention, helping create a perfect environment to encourage healthy root growth. The fibres have a high cation exchange capacity, meaning they absorb, store and release nutrients very effectively, reducing nutrient leaching and helping your plant absorb plant feed more efficiently.

The coir fibres are specially graded, washed and buffered, using a waste water recycling facility, giving your plant a neutral, safe, gentle soil to grow in. No artificial fertilisers are included so when planted, add an organic proprietary plant food of your choice.

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