Meet the Members: Anna Hutton – MacMartin

Today we meet Anna Hudson from MacMartin Marketing. Anna is a passionate marketeer, proud businesswoman and sister to the most incredible business partner – Claire.

Anna is backed by a fantastic team of creatives, as well as a supportive and loving husband and son! Anna lives in rural Derbyshire, where she enjoys a good country walk… with the promise of a good pub at the end of course.

Based in a beautiful part of Derbyshire, Church Broughton. MacMartin Marketing was founded in 2017.

MacMartin are an honest, forward thinking and friendly design and marketing company. Run by sisters Claire and Anna, they want to help your business thrive through marketing.


Anna and Claire are proud of the work they produce and always take accountability, giving their clients one less thing to worry about.

Claire and Anna have worked in various ‘in house’ marketing positions. They both started families at similar times and became freelance Marketing Managers. Claire’s work was heavily focused on website and design, whereas Anna’s work was focused on digital marketing. They frequently found themselves referring work to one another, and decided that they would make an incredible team. MacMartin was born from this realisation… Both Anna and Claire feel they are incredibly lucky being able to work together every day!

When asked about the challenges facing Anna’s business Anna told us “Our industry is doing incredibly well… so it’s hard to talk about our challenges, when I know the difficulties our friends are going through at the moment.
The largest challenge that we face is recruitment in our industry. As a rural business, we find it tricky to recruit! (either that or our standards are too high!)”


We asked Anna if they had any good news to share with is and Anna proudly announced “We have just been named as the Best Small Business in The Rural Business Awards for the Midlands Region- we are incredibly happy about this!”

Annas recommended book to help you in your business journey is ‘How to win friends and influence people’ – As it’s a book that helps you to put life into perspective. What is important to people and what isn’t…

To find out more about MacMartin and the team head over to the below website and socials:


Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin


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