We have put RURAL at the heart of our business support group, not just as a specialism. The Rural Economy has huge potential for growth and YOU are part of it. RURAL Industry experts, professionals, business owners and table top enterprises have gathered to support YOU and YOUR journey.

Delivering support wherever YOU are.

Membership will be open soon in 2021.


We are for Rural business. The rural sector needs specialist support by people that understand it.



A new era for food and farming will have a dramatic impact on some rural businesses. We aim to educate and inspire.


Accessible online materials day and night- because rural often flies in the face of a structured 9-5.


Created and supported by people who have walked that walk- down to earth, successful business owners



Less about the upsell more about you. Yes, we sell stuff but it isn’t a requirement. If you need support, pointing in the right direction without being led up a garden path then – welcome.


Big lofty ideas to niche accounting conundrums webinars, training, Q & As and Podcasts can all be found within our layers!


We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive space for our members. We are stronger and more influential when we work together.


Business support requests by email, phone or online.

You can contact us at any time on any business support topic. We will endeavour to answer your queries or put you in touch with someone we trust that can help. You will never be charged upfront for any referral and you can decide how to proceed – you can always come back to us for more help!



Monthly online webinars with anytime playback.

We know that learning is always best when it fits into your own time. Our monthly webinars cover a variety of useful topics from finance and funding, to planning, policy, strategy, marketing and much more. All our webinars are accessible via the online the platform



Exclusive first listen - In Your Field Podcast

You can view our monthly podcast schedule by clicking here. Our members get a first preview before the masses. We also welcome you to apply to appear on our podcast, no time like the present!



Monthly newsletter

A monthly roundup of news, offers and information from the Rural Business Group and beyond. 

Member offers via our Business Toolbox

Offers direct from The Rural Business Group and it’s members. Make the most of some of these exclusive member only opportunities. You can also list your own offers for other members.



Unlimited access to our resources library

We try not to reinvent the wheel, collating information, materials and resources over the years means that on many topics we have got it covered. We welcome members adding to the library too.



Monthly PR Opportunities

We have a reputation for making the most out of PR with our own awards programme The Rural Business Awards. Never a week goes by without an opportunity to feature in ‘IN YOUR FIELD’, across our own media or via requests we receive on a regular basis. Our members have appeared at Countryfile Live, on Countryfile, BBC News, Regional Press to name but a few.



Membership opportunites available soon in 2021


The magazine and podcast of the Rural Business Awards.


Find out what's happening in the Rural Business Group