If you are passionate about rural business, but seek a fresh approach with down to earth practical advice then you have come to the right place. Our delivery is not likely to be traditional, it might even get close to controversial!

We deliver a bi-monthly magazine and regular podcast featuring:


Guest appearances from industry leaders


Topical discussions on areas such as diversification, planning, marketing, accounting & ELMS


Regular Case studies featuring some of the UK’s top rural businesses


Question and answer clinics

This is for readers who work for, support, own or aspire to own a Rural Business; who want to see inspiring stories of success and hear from like minded entrepreneurs and business specialists who are all passionate about their Rural roots.

Sit back, relax and listen to our highly informative Podcast. We do like to have a bit of fun along the way but you can be assured that every session is dedicated to help educate, inspire and support your rural business journey or career. With some industry heavyweights lined up over the coming months we look forward to having you join us.


We begin our podcasting journey on the 8th March 2021. 

Do we know what we are doing? Let’s be honest we are no experts but we have the kit, the personalities and the network to give it a really good go!

All you need to do is join us and we’ll be in touch as soon as it’s time to subscribe to the channel. Remember members will receive exclusive access first! 

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Upcoming Podcasts

The launch of the In Your Field Podcast!

And we are off! Crikey this seems like a massive leap into unchartered waters but let’s dive straight in. Who are we? What do we do? Find out what you need to know about our humble beginnings and how we plan to use our journey and network to help you and your rural business from 2021 and beyond. 

Meet some of our Rural Business Award Winners 2021

The 25th February saw the crowning of some of our national champions. Tune in while we chat to some of our winners! Sharing stories of the successes, challenges and in some cases the epic failures encountered along the way. 

Driving forward

This week we discover what some rural entrepreneurs do to gather thoughts, distill thinking and plough on. Without sounding too much like we swallowed a self help book there are some truly inspiring ways to get your house in order, prioritise your goals and aim to achieve them. 

Hands up if you want a new word for Diversification? Me!

It has to be one of the most overused topics for discussion in the rural space for years now. Is it really just about survival? Entrepreneurship? Generational shift? Or, are we amidst a perfect storm with the arrival of ELMS and a real threat to traditional farming incomes across the country. 

It’s all about Ewe

That time of year, springing lambs – finally some life in the garden! We talk to a National Finalist Launde Farm Foods about the farm, their infamous lamb and how the pandemic affected their business in a variety of ways – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sparkling start ups

We all love a fabulous start up idea but today we learn about how some of the best start ups first began, the challenges they faced along the way and what the new financial year means to them. Defining success is almost as Individual as the businesses themselves- you cannot fail to be inspired by this sparkly bunch.

Jules Hudson - becoming a presenter, speaker and compere

Jules has become a firm friend of The Rural Business Group but we are always intrigued and eager to learn about what happens behind the scenes. A fascinating story of how his career unfolded up to the present day. Is the potential of setting up a rural business a real selling point when it comes to escaping to the country?

ELMS & Regenerative Agriculture for dummies
We say for dummies mainly due to that book collection that I’m sure still lurk on the bookshelves of many. Standing on the precipice of some of the biggest changes in farming for decades we speak to Phil Jarvis (Chairman of the Voluntary Initiative & NFU Environment Forum) Head of Farming and Partnerships at The GWCT Allerton Project)  about ELMS and regenerative agriculture. What could it mean for rural businesses across the UK?
Cash is king
Buffer cash? P & L? Deferred income? If you know that feeling then this one’s for you. We talk through some of the genius ways to keep your eyes on the bottom line. This session is not about bookkeeping but longer term views and a path to success with a Rural spin of course.UK?
Apparently it’s easy when you know how. Sharing some stories of experience, success and failures in the funding arena for rural. Some rural businesses often sit outside of agriculture but somehow miss out on traditional funding streams for business. We will be joined by some industry heavyweights to dispel some myths and provide information on where to go for help.
Essential Recharge
Favorite places to recharge your batteries. We have collected some of the UKs top rural hideaways, on grid, off grid, on water or on land. Join us in a discussion with business owners around the country that are ready to welcome you this summer into the early autumn.



Welcome to our first publication!

We have developed the magazine to inspire, educate, inform, and give a voice to rural businesses across the UK.

This is for readers who work for, support, own or aspire to own a Rural Business; who want to see inspiring stories of success and hear from like minded entrepreneurs and business specialists who are all passionate about their Rural roots.

Throughout our first edition you will find that we touch on many of the aforementioned themes – Business Success, Skills and Connectivity in all its forms. When all of these themes come together they create enterprise, and this, in turn, supports our wonderful rural communities.

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