IN YOUR FIELD Podcast: Naughty Goats and Soap

Join us for the fifth episode of the IN YOUR FIELD podcast with our guest Jade Connelly from Tilda’s Tribe.

Made up of Jade, Josh & their small herd of goats which live on their Farm in Riddlesden; Tilda’s Tribe began when Jade & Josh helped out a fellow neighbour with her goats and started wondering how to put her surplus milk to good use, Josh being quite the entrepreneur came up with the idea of goats milk soap after researching the benefits goats milk can offer your skin.

They loved the idea of making and producing their own goats milk soap by hand and started Tilda’s Tribe. The soaps started selling really well and Jade & Josh realised they had unlocked a great passion they both share for goats and skincare and decided to take the business further.

Today we will talk about Goats, Milk and Soap, online selling and the journey Jade and Josh took to get there, alongside the challenges and insights they have gained along the way, this is a lovely story of how a slow growing expansion of a business has worked for Tilda’s Tribe.

You’ll be able to understand the soap making process, online selling, hear about the upscaling happening now with plans to create a soap making factory and tales of naughty goats.

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