IN YOUR FIELD Podcast: In discussion with Farmer Barnes Dairy

Join us for our sixth episode of the IN YOUR FIELD Podcast with Jane Barnes from Farmer Barnes Dairy – Alma Bank Farm, We were lucky enough to visit the newly built dairy farm – in Leicestershire, and meet Jane Barnes to discuss the challenges and insights of running and diversifying a dairy farm, whilst also busting some very common milk myths.

Farmer Barnes Dairy is a proud working British Dairy Farm and is passionate about teaching people what happens on a dairy farm and how they produce milk for the award winning Blue Stilton Cheese, made at Long Clawson Dairy.

Visiting a UK dairy farm allows you to first hand see the daily operation of safe milk production and the care dairy farmers give to their land and animals. With a cow classroom for visitors to watch the cows milking and a gallery above the milking parlour touring their dairy farm as a school class or tour group is both a fun and educational way to see dairy cows close up, answer questions and identify with farmers who produce the wholesome dairy products your family enjoys.

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Why not visit Farmer Barnes Dairy to learn more about dairy farming and enjoy a fabulous day out.

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