Handmade, Forest Themed Natural Candles

16 Nov 2021 | Christmas Gift Guide

This bumper collection is the perfect way to indulge yourself (or someone else) with one of each of our candles in the FoD Collective Candle Set.

Each handpoured candle is 180ml and has a burn time of roughly 28-30 hours. Made with natural ingredients, the combinations range from winter warming with Spruce Ride through the smell of spring and promise with Bluebell Suprise. Each candle is available to purchase individually aswell.


In the collection you will get:

✨Spruce Ride; whispering secrets amongst the trees.
Mandarin. Cedarwood. Wintergreen.

✨Loamy; consisting or suggestive of earth.
Cedar. Vanilla. Pine Needles.

✨Leaf Peeping; above the golden embers of the Forest.
Sandlewood. Black Pepper. Teak.

✨Bluebell Surprise; to be amongst the sapphire blooms.
Bluebells. Hyacinth. Jasmine.


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